Dannii S 

Great fitness class to build confidence, meet new people and have fun whilst getting fit. Lovely people and a great instructor. Have only been twice and I'm already feeling more confident and ready to push myself harder every week. Absolutely in love with my new hobby =D ..x

Serena P 

Lessons are so much fun, lots of positions to learn, some challenging and the drive to do better is certainly there. Very motivating and organised instructor. Lovely friendly people who are very supportive in class.

Lee A 

Well met, forms filled in quickly, record of training covered then straight to conditioning moves followed by 4 starter moves GREAT FUN and I’m getting FIT. Can’t wait for next week!

Xaghra S 

The lessons are carefully planned and the teacher (Lauren) can't do enough for you. The encouragement within the beginner class is amazing! It's become a new addiction of mine!

Katy Prutton (21/05/2017)

I've had the pleasure of being a student of Lauren's for a long time. She has the patience of a saint and an amazing amount of encouragement. Lauren is a master of being able to explain technical moves, breaking them down in to sections, to get the best out of each and every one of her students from expert to beginner. I've also had the honour to photograph her and her students, and am blown away by her ability, strength and tenacity to ensure her students get the moves nailed for the perfect shot! Not to mention, Lauren's own technical ability on the pole to create some awesome photographs. Pole fitness is the most elegant, strength building sport by far!

Louise Danbury (15/05/2017)

This fabulous lady has been teaching me pole for over 2 years now and I couldn't be happier. It will give you the biggest buzz ever and will be the best hobbit you ever try. Excellent class, amazing teacher, great variety, awesome people, amazing poles and studio! Xxx

Sara-Jayne Howley (17/05/2017)

I've been to Lauren's classes now for just over a year and a half and am absolutely loving it! I can't imagine my life without pole! Lauren is a very patient and thorough instructor, who gives you the right amount of teaching, spotting and then trust/belief in yourself to master a move. Thank you for the encouragement along the way when things don't quite go to plan! love sharing my pole journey with great people too

Tash Aviet (16/05/2017)

I started classes in September. I always enjoying going to each lesson. Lauren is really patient and always there to support us. I have made great friends there and learnt many new moves and combinations. I have become stronger and more fit by attending the class every week.

Debbie-Louise Chambers (11/05/2017)

Loved my session, so helpful and supportive! Really encourages you to try new things, reminds you about technique too! Overal great session! Definitely felt it the next day! Arms and abs!! Loved it

Pamela Graham (12/05/2017)

Lauren has been my teacher and a really good friend for 5 years and i absolutely love her and the class. Very professional and feel 100% safe no matter how scary the move is Lauren is always there. Lauren goes at your pace (im a slow learner) and leave class buzzing 

Highly recommended xx

Vicky Williams (19/05/2017)

Absolutely amazing teacher & friend, Lauren is very professional & patient and knows exactly how to boost your confidence. Would highly recommend xx